Web 3.0 development

Our team of blockchain developers and UX/UI designers will create a fully customized web 3.0 for your collection. The world of decentralization is evolving by leaps and bounds, join this new change!

What is a Web 3.0?

Web 3.0 is the third generation of services for web pages and applications. One of the most important aspects is decentralization, that is, the data is not stored in a centralized place.

Why do I need a web 3.0?

Having a web 3.0 will allow you to upload the smart contract that you have created, so users can mint the NFTs of your collection on your website. In addition, a web 3.0 is much more secure than a web 2.0, so with a good development of the smart contract and web 3.0, you will have a secure ecosystem.


How does the Web 3.0 service work?

Fully custom web design

Implementation of the design in the responsive ad-hoc platform for all devices

Web3 connection with the 4 most used digital wallets

Possibility of sale by price of NFTs

Add Royalty to generate passive income

Use the Ethereum/ Binance Smart Chain or Polygon blockchain

Technical support throughout the process

Platform on different languages

Integrated platform in your hosting/web

The moment has arrived

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